We provide a variety of digital services ranging from shopping cart setup all the way to advanced analytics and data science. You can learn more here.

We practice what we preach, and Shopify is a key component in our preferred marketing stack that allows us to deliver our best results. While Shopify is not necessary for us to service your business, we have been working on the platform since its launch and have developed many strategic partnerships to enable us to move fast and deliver.

MTDR was officially launched in 2018 out of a need to deliver stellar digital strategy and marketing services to help brands break into markets and scale to new levels.


We actually prefer it. We are proud of the work we do and the results that show for it. If your business is a good fit for partnership, we are more than happy to start on a month-to-month basis, and then later move into longer contracts that make sense for your business' needs and goals.

Most of our partners work with us on a retainer basis, where we provide services based upon an agreed upon scope of work. This typically includes digital services such as ecommerce management, web design and development, media buying, and other custom-tailored services.

It depends on the scope of services, as our team is diverse in nature and has expertise in a wide breadth of skillsets. Depending on what your business needs, our account management team will appropriately assign digital resources to help grow your business. We're proud in our ability to operate both effectively and efficiently with our highly skilled marketers, creatives, and strategists. In many cases, less is more.


You can reach out to our sales department by sending an email to, or give us a call at ‪(424) 352-2445‬.

You can also fill out a short questionnaire to help us better understand your business so we can better assist you.

While we are certainly up for in-person consultations and meetings at our headquarters in Los Angeles, California, our office is not open to the public and is reserved for private meetings with client and prospective partners. If you would like to talk shop in-person, please complete this questionnaire so we can better understand your business, and schedule an in-person meeting if your brand is a good fit for our services.

We are based in Los Angeles, California, but that doesn't stop us from working with the best brands around the world. As a digital based business servicing the digital world, we've partnered with brands across the world - United Kingdom, Korea, Taiwan to name a few.